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Media Channel Impact Analysis – Adapting Your Campaigns for Q2


Media Channel Impact Analysis - Adapting Your Campaigns for Q2 Two months in, the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on advertising is still being felt. While ad spends have recovered in certain verticals, adjustments are still taking shape with many advertisers hesitant to make bets [...]

Media Channel Impact Analysis – Adapting Your Campaigns for Q22020-05-15T15:32:49+00:00
19 2:53 pm

Establishing Lifetime Value


Establishing Lifetime Value What's in a value of a customer? Sometimes open to debate, the discussion is often advanced the right analysis. This was an interesting, numerical read on Lifetime Value by KissMetrics using Starbucks as a case study (click to expand). [...]

Establishing Lifetime Value2020-04-24T15:47:04+00:00
17 5:42 pm

5 Easy Questions


5 Easy Questions 5 Easy Questions 5 Questions to Ask Yourself/Marketing Team/ Digital Agency: What is your traffic delivery strategy? What is your targeting strategy? What is your creative strategy? What is your optimization strategy? What is your growth strategy? [...]

5 Easy Questions2020-04-19T14:40:47+00:00
7 5:04 pm

Transparency Problem


Transparency Problem “What price do you want to show your client?” At the end of a long boardroom table, his voice lowered slightly, quickly switching the vibe from ho-hum sales pitch to hiring a hitman with a briefcase of unmarked, non-sequential bills. “Um, we want [...]

Transparency Problem2020-04-19T14:41:29+00:00
7 4:00 pm

Campaign Adaptations During COVID-19


Campaign Adaptations During COVID-19 Over the past decade, Triangles has helped hundreds of brands grow their digital campaign ROI with actionable insights. Trusted, relevant data always underpins these insights, providing guidance to marketers and executives navigating an often volatile advertising ecosystem. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, there [...]

Campaign Adaptations During COVID-192020-04-19T14:47:26+00:00