What We Do | Triangles
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Triangles’ pioneering approach to advertising
helps shape and redefine the industry.
We reverse engineer business results to understand
what media is driving the action.


Our clients are sophisticated, high achieving and intellectually humble
– allowing data they trust to inform which channels, creative
and consumer touchpoints are successful.



Our approach to effective advertising begins with the relevant data. We match sales, customer, web, social, media and business intelligence with 3rd party datasets that complement the analysis.


From there, we create or extend your existing audience personas based on market insights. A deep, systematized, left and right brained approach then transforms insights into an action plan to be executed across media (owned, earned, paid), content, social and offline.


Data Dives, Data Onboarding, Consumer Insights, Persona Building, Ad Targeting, 1st & 3rd Party Data



The consumer journey isn’t linear any more. Mapping touchpoints intelligently and measurably is important to make better decisions.


Triangles’ marketers, data scientists, designers, writers and insights team all have a common thread – we are circuit pros. We quarterback creative, personalized and localized ads across channels so your ad stack can be measured. No matter the point in the funnel, whether discovery, engagement or action, conversions are the objective.


Creative Optimization, Seasonality & Campaigns, Journey Localization & Personalization, A/B (or Multivariate) Testing, Content & Influencer integration with Paid, Intelligent Retargeting, Geo-fenced campaigns


We deliver channel agnostic media plans that map tightly to your market insights: which channels, personas and consumer journey touchpoints at what time in which geographies. Goal-driven performance is the objective of any marketing mix, whether for awareness, conversion or both.

ROI forecasts and offline touchpoints are prepared, readying for data collection to inform how the media plan should be shaped as it takes flight.


Media Mix allocation, Placement and Negotiation, Programmatic Display, Search (SEM campaigns, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Native, Premium Site, Traditional (and digital) Out of Home, Traditional (and digital) radio



Once the circuit is tagged, smoke tests are delivered across all relevant channels – feeding back small-budget signals that validate audience and market insights.


Agile Concept Tests inform which creative, content, targeting, re-targeting, geographies and keywords have the highest propensity to deliver high Return on Ad Spend. Custom goals whether awareness or direct response are setup for the Execution team to optimize towards.


Pixel Strategy, Attribution Models, Cross-platform tagging, Analytics Unification, BI-based scorecards



Our adaptive process begins the minutes ads are first set live.


We tweak each consumer journey and conversion pathway diligently with ongoing Channel and Creative optimization (with action viewed in real-time) possible via our proprietary platforms and processes. Our clients take part in our transparent mid-flight scrums, where data-backed insights are passed cross channel, informing the overall communications plan, early and often.


Growth Hacking, Bid Management, Channel Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Creative Optimization, Content & Influencer Performance, Retargeting (Search, Site, SEM, Email, Contextual, Action, Social), Fraud Detection



Becoming data-driven with your marketing isn’t easy, and we know this. Whether you’re a startup discovering your growth metrics, a new brand launch or a household name trying to establish acquisition metrics, you need a blueprint.


Our system is devised to be both incremental or transformative. Getting on the first rung sometimes means smaller yet scalable wins that lead the way for future buy-in.


Fiscal planning, ROI Forecasts, Marketing Team Building, Media allocation, Growth Hacking, Test & Learn Execution, Revenue Optimization